Windows Phone

Windows 8 Application Development

Microsoft released Windows 8 with diverse enhancements in functionality and features. This OS has been predominantly enhanced with a focus on cloud computing and touch screen devices. The operating system is integrated with enhanced security that supports the development of complex apps.

The Metro design, features such as multi-monitor support, language and standards support and security make it a powerful contender to be used in enterprises. However, the features in these demand apps that are suitable to support the IT infrastructure of enterprises. As enterprises carry on to use mobility and the emerging BYOD trend, it is critical to support multiple mobile devices with reliable and robust applications that brace the changing IT infrastructure.

Windows Phone 7 Development

The Windows Phone 7 series travels beyond just the smart phone category and continues to make its place with some of the most appealing features that have been included in it. Windows Phone 7 continues to be used popularly worldwide.

Persistent Solution is one of the pioneering companies that has been in this business for more than ten years, and is ready to cater to the ever growing needs of the market. We are veterans of Microsoft Technologies and work on Windows Mobile platforms since the time the pocket PC was launched. Our team has expertise in XNA and Silverlight to jump start your projects with the Windows Phone 7 Development. Always ready to develop useful applications for the latest Windows Phone 7 and its successors, our experts efficiently deliver all your Mobile Application Development needs.

Windows Mobile Game Development

  The mobile game division is rapidly growing larger and better each day. With the updated Windows Mobile Platform, it has become thrilling, dynamic and even more tempting.

The broad support for wireless communication services such as LANs / WANs  and  Bluetooth, widen the way for communication in multi-player game development. Windows Mobile supports both 2D and 3D graphics and gameplay of exquisite high quality that you sometimes forget that you are playing games on your mobile device.

The dynamic API’s for 2D sound effect, Hardware and MIDI audio mixer gives audio support for your games when it is working on Windows Mobile. Different  modules of interaction supports are feasible to develop Windows Mobile Games.

Windows Mobile Business Applications Development

In today’s modern world, Windows mobile business applications are responsible for performing many critical business operations. They are used by different enterprises for supply chain management, telemetry,sales force automation, field support,fleet management, etc.

Enterprises can take utmost advantage of the Windows mobile business applications to comprehend the current needs of the field workers, to track the whereabouts of their labor force etc. Implementation of apps for the sales force would assure flawless and real time communication with the back office. This can greatly impact the overall work efficiency and the final output.

We at Persistent Solution, have experts to deliver superior apps that guarantees you can track jobs of your workforce, understand their requirements and quickly reflect your opinions. We help you to create a wireless infrastructure for gathering and circulating client data to and from remote locations. In this way, your company can achieve improved productivity and cost cutting on all the onsite management solutions.

Windows 7 Business applications developed by Persistent Solution are Robust and User friendly. Our client base covers following industries.

  • Insurance Units
  • Bank and Credit institutions
  • Courier and Logistics
  • Transport Companies
  • Public Administration Units
  • Manufacturing Units
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Publishing & Media Units

If you are interested in developing a Windows mobile business application, Contact Us and avail the best development services.