Transportation & Logistics

Providers of transportation & logistics are facing great stress while handling transport activities and fulfilling the customer demands. With the universal demographic shifting, security concerns and urbanization are generating high demands for amending the public transit system. There is a great need to improve the overall productivity and gain a deeper insight to become proactive in providing transportation services.

The upsurge and progression of enterprise mobility has modernized many industry operations. From security concerns to client satisfaction, the mobility and wireless resolutions fulfill transportation-critical needs.

Mobile Solutions – Transportation Companies and Logistics

A great portion of the workforce in logistics and transportation is always on the move and geographically spread. From a forklift driver to bus ticket agents and to maintenance engineers, the working atmosphere for these workers is inherently mobile. Having admission to a real time corporate system will allow to quicken the business process and help the customer at the point of service.

  • Evades congestion at terminals
  • Decreases the fuel cost through vehicle routing systems
  • Benefit the workforce with highly scalable tools
  • Intelligent networking eradicates unnecessary stops
  • Provide connectivity to be productive
  • Applications reduce the period wasted in paper work
  • Cater advance tracking and mobile ticketing capability

Complete Solution for Dispatch, Shipping & Delivery

Mobile apps for niche businesses have matured exponentially. It takes experience and technical know-how to recognize the most appropriate solution for your needs and firmly incorporate it with enterprise system. Persistent Solution brought industry-leading resolutions for addressing the serious needs of mobile workforce.

Mobile Dispatch and Delivery Software

  • Tracks and accomplishes the goods pick-ups
  • Gives immediate access to drives for the day’s manifest
  • Allow drivers to make on-the-spot dealings
  • Immediately corrects mistakes and place the order
  • On-time delivery by optimized routes

Shipping & Railway Software

  • Precise information about location of trains
  • Allow to issue tickets and collect on-the-spot disbursements
  • Incorporate real-time information into maintenance system
  • Cut downtime and boost productivity
  • Avails real-time info for route obstacles

Terminal & Distribution System

  • Transmit the effective route, free from traffic
  • Decrease worker’s fatigue for goods delivery
  • Find surplus idling and deploy apt services
  • Guarantee on-time delivery with GPS, e-mail or a quick phone call
  • Relay road outlines based on barriers such as weather and construction
  • Get vehicle critical data from departure time to mileage to hours of service