SMO Expert

As a business owner, small or big, we don’t propose you become a social media expert on top of being a sales expert, an accounting expert, a buying expert, a management expert, a personnel expert and a marketing expert. Developing an effective, comprehensive social media strategy takes a lot of time and effort. Which you most likely don’t have.

Persistent Solution exists to lift the load of social media off of busy business owners. With numerous packages and plans; ranging from basic to professional. We do it for you so that you don’t have to take the burden upon your shoulders. We offer exclusive plans that allow you to be involved as much you want or as little as you want to be. We have become the social media experts in this ever-changing realm of online marketing, just so you don’t have to keep up on “the next big thing.” Everyone knows that Facebook changes its layout about five times a year, and that five times a year could be spent addressing your clients necessities, keeping your finances up-to-date, or even preparing for your vacation, instead of wasting time on how to effectively reach out to a huge amount of people at one time using unfamiliar social media platforms.