Web Design

Persistent Solution expertizes in building unique, top notch web designs. Our talented developers are constantly pushing themselves to deliver a project that is beyond your expectations. Our number one goal is to make you noticed and be remembered. Here at Persistent Solution we strongly believe website design and layout should focus on the following:

Focus on the needs and insight of the Web Site’s main target audience

To never forget the Website’s central motive or message.

Use unique elements to strengthen the website throughout.

In every business, making the final decision always comes down to the return on investment. If your main focus is to generate more revenue, gain customers, or an increment on profit margins, Persistent Solution’s approach to unified marketing can take you there. Persistent
Solution isn’t just about web design; we’re committed to Internet Resolution with a purpose.

Logo Design

Persistent Solution is widely known as the one stop solutions for custom-designed logo solutions. A logo is defined as a crest that is used by enterprises, individuals and companies to promote their brand and achieve immediate recognition. We at Persistent Solution focus on delivering
services to various realms including pamphlet designs, logo designs, stationary designs, brochure designs and more. Our expert logo designers design logos that actually have the capacity to finally become the trademark of a respective enterprise. The logos designed by our professionals are considered very crucial to promote a brand image.

Flash Design

In today’s modern world Flash is the soul of website presentation. Without the presence of flash, it makes the website static and hence cannot generate traffic. Flash Web Design is a tremendous powerful weapon to create direct contact on the viewer’s mind. We have delivered high end creative flash designs to all of our satisfied clientele to date.

CMS (Content Management System)

Just as the value of a brand new car depreciates the minute you drive it, a brand new website loses its value over time unless you keep it updated (fresh). That’s why we deliver all of our websites with an easy-to-use and fully supported Content Management System (CMS) – giving you ultimate control over your website furthermore we also provide the regular updating on your website.

Web Hosting

We, at Persistent Solution understand that finding a cost effective, reliable web host is not an easy task. We take great pride on our commitment to our clients, and we make sure they have all the necessary information they need before making that big decision. Persistent Solution is the industry’s leading provider of full-range products and services that enable their clients to become a one-stop shop for web presence products online. Their product suite includes Domain Registration, Web and Email Hosting, SSL Certificates and Website Design which enables their
clients to cater to the entire Web Presence market.

Mobile website design

For websites that need a lot of user interaction and more bespoke mobile functionality, we advise developing a dedicated mobile website. With this approach, we address mobile specific challenges such as navigation, data entry, visibility, and load time to create a smooth experience for mobile users. If you expect your users to buy products, access profiles, fill in detailed forms, or interact with other users through your mobile website, then building a dedicated mobile version is the right solution recommended by Persistent Solution.

Content Writing

One of the top challenges in the world of content marketing is creating enough content to provide value for your audience and keeping readers engaged. Many marketers are turning to Persistent Solution to support their content strategy. Persistent Solution is a great way to publish high quality, relevant content on a consistent basis to support a crucial component of your strategy – creation. Well written content can boost SEO, drive high quality leads and establish you as a thought leader. As an enlightened marketer, you know that content marketing is no part-time job and shouldn’t be treated as such. In order to maintain a successful content strategy, you need dedicated content writers to publish consistently and keep your potential buyers and customers engaged. Persistent Solution is the perfect company for content writing service whether you are an
interactive agency or a web solutions company or anyone else. At Persistent Solutions, we deliver high quality content writing services through professional content writers. If you want to know further about our content writing services, what are you waiting for, request a free quote or check pricing.

Social Media Management

Selecting the correct Social media company is crucial than ever today! It has become an important factor in reaching the potential clients & at the same time keeping in touch with your current ones. Social media management has become so crucial today that it is now one of the most critical ranking factors for Google. Persistent Solution offers exceptional high profile Social Media Management. We take great pride in genuinely understanding, evaluating and paving the way where Social Media is concerned. From Designs to our Proprietary Live Social Data Monitoring Center, Custom Coding and Apps to friend and follower acquisition .You heard it right! We have an entire arsenal devoted to keeping a check on your social media presence and what the general public is saying and exactly how they are interacting with you via social media. Search Engine Optimization Our Search engine optimization programs apply numerous strategies to boost your website’s rankings. Search engine rankings rely on two major aspects.

  •  On-Page
  • Off-Page

Persistent Solution expertizes in customizing a way for your business to reach the most potential clients with the least out of pocket expense. And that is how we can help your business achieve the best R.O.I (Return on Investment). If you are interested in a certain package not listed in our SEO packages, we will gladly customize one to match your business’s exclusive needs.

Pay Per Click Management

  • Target Potential Customers More Efficiently
  • Increase ROI with Less Time and Effort Spent
  • Pay Only When You Receive a Visitor
  • Most Effective Way of Promoting Your Business Online
  • Gets Targeted, Affordable and Accountable Result

Our Pay Per Click program is one of the most important and effective strategy of Internet marketing which drives more leads to you and thus Helps you in gaining much more revenue than you are getting now. Pay Per Click is basically an advertising campaign which is used by most of the webmasters who wants to list their websites at the top of the major search engine results. Pay Per Click business will help you in acquiring huge amount of leads and at the same time will generate much more revenue even though you have lower PageRank as compared to your petitors.
Our Pay Per Click advertising model will consists of Website Analysis, Keyword Research, Creation of Ad Copies, Creating effective Landing pages, PPC Campaign optimization, Log file analysis, Reporting. We understand your business needs and your target audiences and so we will implement the right strategy to deliver appropriate results. We help you in achieving high traffic and huge attention from potential customers. Thus, you will get the best return on investment with our Pay Per Click advertising campaigns. If you want to know further about our Pay Per Click services, what are you waiting for, request your quote or check pricing.

IT Staffing and Consulting

Persistent Solution is growing at a rapid rate in the IT Staff Augmentation and consulting industry, with well over 10 years of experience, serving small and big size clients. We bridge the IT expertise demand-supply riff through an ingenious recruiting engine, endorsed by a dedicated client-centric service target. Our Team has expertise in the recruitment of Information Technology staffing professionals with important, in-demand IT skills. We understand the ever increasing need for skilled professionals in the development and maintenance of new technologies. It is our aim to help you keep your competitive advantage by cost-effectively delivering highly skilled IT consultants when and how you need them most.

We Find Great Talent

Persistent Solution expertizes in finding the right talent in less time, whatever your need – be it a single resource or a team of resources – thanks to our deep database of professionals, we will help you find the right talent in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our incomparable knowledge of the technology market enables us to access the best and brightest IT staffing experts in the industry.

Persistent Solution can efficiently and effectively place an individual or a team of talent acquisition specialists on site to help accomplish this. Along with the depth of our network of IT staffing experts, enables us to give you candidates faster than our competitors.

At Persistent Solution, we evaluate the IT staffing requirements of your business sand study your business culture in order to find the best, most qualified IT candidates to present to you for each project.

 We Are Flexible

Persistent Solution offers staff augmentation, team services (T&M and TURNKEY) and permanent or temporary placement models and can help you quickly ramp up your team to meet your organizational and business objectives, we will find you the right talent in a cost effective manner.

A provider of end-to-end solutions in temporary staffing; we help you with recruits with specific skill sets for seasonal business requirements. We have candidates for just in time temporary positions- getting the right people for the right jobs is one of our key expertise.

The Persistent Solution Difference

  •   Over 10 years of experience in permanent IT placements.
  •  20+ recruiter team working closely with our clients to meet their permanent placement needs & dedicated Account Management Executive for each client to service requirement in timely manner.
  •  Full-service IT staffing capabilities, which includes ADM, Data Ware housing and ERP, BI, QA and Testing, Emergent Technologies (mobile, big data, portal, social, cloud)
  •  Temp -to-hire option so that you can “try it before you buy it,” providing you with a risk-free
    evaluation chance to evaluate the resources.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Persistent Solution delivers all ERP implementation services and post-sales maintenance and support via our staff of full-time resources. With over a decade of experience in the ERP industry, Persistent Solution has developed a systematic and guided ERP implementation approach. It is because of this process that Persistent Solution has achieved industry-leading software-to-implementation cost ratios compared to other software suppliers, resulting in dramatic cost savings and a low total cost of ownership for our customers.

As part of PERSISTENT SOLUTION’s industry-leading post-sales support, PERSISTENT SOLUTION customers have access to the PERSISTENT SOLUTION customer support hotline. Whenever a call is placed to PERSISTENT SOLUTION, the call is answered directly by an Enterprise 21 ERP software developer with an industry-leading average tenure of over five years. In addition, PERSISTENT SOLUTION offers affordable post-software sale maintenance that includes all software upgrades and any newly developed Enterprise 21 modules.

ERP helps you in streamlining your IT operations to the utmost extent. Basically the decision maker in the company has the exact knowledge of the business flow and hence evaluates the vendors in an efficient way. It serves the team managing ERP implementation better if they recognize early on the most effective ERP implementation practices to enhance their chances of success.

Our methodologies speed up the time to value delivery for several reasons, including their incorporation of the correct analytics for real time decision making. Our ERP smoothly integrates applications across various platforms and technologies, to enhance the value of IT investments and increase productivity and profitability. Our core ERP implementation practices include Oracle, SAP, Microsoft dynamics including the axepta, which is in great demand and we provide ERP consulting across functional boundaries including Logistics, Finance, Trading, manufacturing and many more. Our ERP services expertise includes packaged suite implementation, support, consulting and the integration of diverse and distributed application portfolios within and across the extended enterprise. We support clients across the entire range
of the application life cycle, right from package evaluation through completion, to post completion support and Staff augmentation.

Software Testing

At Persistent Solution, our Software Testing Service can provide an entire test team or augment an existing internal team to deliver the testing component of an IT delivery. Our services include both the strategic planning and implementation of best testing practices including Manual Testing.

Software-testing-and-analysis may provide to their overall quality, time-to-market and client experience. Termed as crucial game changer, Software quality testing services have become an inevitable investment for the IT sector.

And the earlier the companies join the bandwagon, the more cost-effective rectifications one can implement in the gestation stage itself. Nonetheless, this adage is also supported with the industry average figures of 12-15% of project costs being spent on fixing bugs alone! With a singular mind set of providing a platform for businesses to gain an edge over competition, Persistent Solution offers Automation Testing, Manual Testing and Mobile Testing services.

We provide the testing support you need by giving you access to highly experienced testing professionals. Our experts are happy working across different platforms and development methodologies including waterfall, iterative and agile. And from test management, system testing and user acceptance to performance testing and test automation we have a solution to help you.

Our flexible engagement models allow you to:

  • Optimize costs through our on testing on demand solution – the Active Testing Model
  •  Implement a managed or outsourced service
  • Receive expert service engagement
  • Expand your teams with professional testing staff to manage peaks
  • Bring in specialist skills when you need them

Whether we’re providing fully managed end-to-end testing, support to overstretched internal test teams or independent testing for outsourced development projects, we are here to provide information to help you make the right decisions.

Mobile App Development

  •  iPhone Application Development

iPhone is Revolutionary device which is designed and marketed by Apple Inc. with a flush multi-touch screen and a minimal hardware interface. The technical capabilities of the iPhone are now accessible for third party applications through the introduction of the SDK and the Appstore in the iPhone 3G version. With the release of the SDK for iPhone, Apple has provided developers with an amazing platform for creating the next generation of innovative mobile applications. iPhone enables users to access information and services at their convenience. Bearing in mind that technology is evolving at lightning speed, we are also bracing ourselves and have in the process decided to develop some iPhone applications. We are also aware that this is the time for iPhone application development and have as such decided to go hi-tech in this field. When it comes to providing services related with mobile application development and iPhone app development, then look no further since we are the leaders when it comes to issues of iPhone application development.

  •  Android Application Development

AŶdroid is Google͛s Ŷeǁ ŵoďile platforŵ that iŶĐludes a softǁare staĐk for ŵoďile deǀiĐes – with an operating system, middleware and key applications.The Android platform was built from the ground-up to enable developers to create new and innovative mobile applications that take full advantage of all the capabilities of a handset connected to the Internet.

Android is a complete mobile platform built on the Linux 2.6 kernel that exposes a robust operating system, a comprehensive set of libraries, a rich multimedia user interface and a complete set of phone applications.

  • Android Benefits and Features

  • Open Platform: Based on Linux, it provides access to core mobile device functionality through standardized application programming interfaces.
  • Overcomes Boundaries: Android allows you to combine information from the Web, directly from your mobile handset and corporate sources-speeding-up the information-gathering process and exactly delivering user-requested information.
  • Implifies Development: Customer demands for reduced development cycles and sophisticated services fast and easy-to-use development tools. The Linux-based Android platform allows full access to the whole functionality of mobile devices by incorporating a powerful Java engine.
  • Equal for All Applications: There is no differentiation between applications-and this enables developers to freely access all available services and interfaces on mobile devices. Additionally, feature-rich Web browser capabilities expedite development of customized services for specific customer requirements.

B2B Leads

B2B Lead for Storage Container Industry We are the pioneer in B2B Storage Container Lead Generation. We help our suppliers with the most difficult part of finding the right customer as per their service area they serve. Persistent Solution phone-screens every lead to ensure the best quality. We guarantee our supplier that each lead sent to them will match the geographical area they cater. Persistent Solution has helped many companies to boost their sales in a cost-effective model in the storage industry. If you are a supplier and would like to receive verified sales opportunities, please get in touch with us today!

Webinars & Webcasts services


Persistent Solution offers multi-channel event promotion services and drives confirmed registrations for your marketing events. Whatever your requirement is our talented team focuses to have your best-fit contact (role-based) review your event details and register. Our target can be your target account, named accounts and also accounts based on a specific profile you request.

1. Multi-ĐhaŶŶel used to ͚push͛ aŶd ͚pull͛ the iŶǀitatioŶ
2. All events get syndicated on our network of sites for better results
3. Telephone personalized and professional invitation
4. Performance based pricing. You only pay for confirmed registrants
5. Asset/details downloaded or sent via confirmed emails
6. Event reminder and on-boarding process to ensure better attends for you
7. Calendar invites to ensure top of mind recall of the event
8. On-demand model, so no lengthy preparations required to kick start

At Persistent Solution we have different programs which have yielded great cost and value benefit over other conventional event registration methods in different Industry. Moreover, we guarantee registrations, so if you are looking for 100% registrants, we will be sure to give you those with confirmations – more predictable, lower costs and better prospect experience.

To get started on your next event, contact us today.