Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Our Search engine optimization programs apply numerous strategies to boost your website’s rankings. Search engine rankings rely on two major aspects.

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

Persistent Solution expertizes in customizing a way for your business to reach the most potential clients with the least out of pocket expense. And that is how we can help your business achieve the best R.O.I (Return on Investment). If you are interested in a certain package not listed in our SEO packages, we will gladly customize one to match your business’s exclusive needs.


Selecting the correct Social media company is crucial than ever today! It has become an important factor in reaching the potential clients & at the same time keeping in touch with your current ones. Social media management has become so crucial today that it is now one of the most critical ranking factors for Google.

Persistent Solution offers exceptional high profile Social Media Management. We take great pride in genuinely understanding, evaluating and paving the way where Social Media is concerned. From Designs to our Proprietary Live Social Data Monitoring Center, Custom Coding and Apps to friend and follower acquisition .You heard it right! We have an entire arsenal devoted to keeping a check on your social media presence and what the general public is saying and exactly how they are interacting with you via social media.



One of the top challenges in the world of content marketing is creating enough content to provide value for your audience and keeping readers engaged. Many marketers are turning to Persistent Solution to support their content strategy. Persistent Solution is a great way to publish high quality, relevant content on a consistent basis to support a crucial component of your strategy – creation.

Well written content can boost SEO, drive high quality leads and establish you as a thought leader. As an enlightened marketer, you know that content marketing is no part-time job and shouldn’t be treated as such. In order to maintain a successful content strategy, you need dedicated content writers to publish consistently and keep your potential buyers and customers engaged.

Persistent Solution is the perfect company for content writing service whether you are an interactive agency or a web solutions company or anyone else. At Persistent Solutions, we deliver high quality content writing services through professional content writers. If you want to know further about our content writing services, what are you waiting for, request a free quote or check pricing.

Pay Per Click Management

  • Target Potential Customers More Efficiently
  • Increase ROI with Less Time and Effort Spent
  • Pay Only When You Receive a Visitor
  • Most Effective Way of Promoting Your Business Online
  • Gets Targeted, Affordable and Accountable Result

Our Pay Per Click program is one of the most important and effective strategy of Internet marketing which drives more leads to you and thus helps you in gaining much more revenue than you are getting now. Pay Per Click is basically an advertising campaign which is used by most of the webmasters who wants to list their websites at the top of the major search engine results. Pay Per Click business will help you in acquiring huge amount of leads and at the same time will generate much more revenue even though you have lower PageRank as compared to your competitors.

Our Pay Per Click advertising model will consists of Website Analysis, Keyword Research, Creation of Ad Copies, Creating effective Landing pages, PPC Campaign optimization, Log file analysis, Reporting. We understand your business needs and your target audiences and so we will implement the right strategy to deliver appropriate results.

We help you in achieving high traffic and huge attention from potential customers. Thus, you will get the best return on investment with our Pay Per Click advertising campaigns. If you want to know further about our Pay Per Click services, what are you waiting for, request your quote or check pricing.