IPad Development

iPad App UI Design

Our Designs – Designed for a Seamless User Experience

Our UI designing team designs user interfaces that users can intuitively understand. We leverage the varied features and navigational gestures to vitalize the process of app browsing without compromising on the UI. While we inculcate character and personality in the design, we also make sure that the UI remains engaging and uncluttered.

Our Team starts with a clear understanding of the different functionalities and features offered by your apps. Implementing the knowledge they accumulate through these tasks, they design and dynamic UI for the iPad application. They place the various elements in the place where the user would expect them; submit activity indicators and give help tips wherever they are required. Have a look at our detailed design process to get a clear cut idea of how we function.

iPad App UI Design Process

  • Analysis of Functionality requirement- Gathering a list of the functionality requirements of the system to accomplish the goals of the project and the potential needs of the users.
  • User analysis– Analysis of the potential users of the system.
  • Information architecture– Development of the process and/or information flow of the system.
  • Prototyping– Development of wire-frames, either in the form of paper prototypes or simple interactive screens.
  • Usability testing- Testing of the prototypes on an actual user.
  • Graphic Interface design– Actual look& feel design of the final graphical user interface (GUI)

iPad Social Networking Apps

Social networking has become an essential part of the World Wide Web. Thousands of Millions of internet users spend the maximum time on social networks. With the invention of the iPad, thousands of web applications have come up, and social networking apps have taken overall of them. There’s a huge demand in the iPad development market, as everyone now wants a custom made social networking application for iPad. Delivering high end apps in the sudden demand for social networking is a very challenging task and that is why we are here to assist you.

Our top notch services for iPad social networking app development will provide you with the best networking apps for the iPad, that will enable you to communicate with your friends, family and clients as well. No matter where you are, our social networking apps will keep you updated, connected and informed. Networking apps on smartphones will help in your personal as well as your professional life.

iPad eBook Publishing

There are many benefits of using your iPad as your Book publisher as mentioned below.

  • The e-book category in apple has got the highest download request in app store.
  • With its large screen and built in applications, It provides more comfort to end-users.
  • Reaches out to readers worldwide, through a common online outlet.
  • Easy to buy and download for readers.
  • Track your readers for future sale.

iPad Web Development

Web Development on iPad-Customized services for your enterprise

The iPad’s superior connectivity and smooth browsing capabilities have elated the demand for iPad web development. However, it becomes difficult for an amateur to handle technical specs at the core stage. It may be easy to use an iPad, but it is not easy to develop web apps. At this junction, we find ourselves to be in a strong position, all thanks to our highly talented team of iPad developers who have kept themselves on the top with all the latest technologies and versions of the tablet.

The iPad has superior browsing capabilities, they provide its users with many options to have robust web applications, but only if they could toy with its features skillfully. At this point most users go blank and have no idea. Our experts will do the exploitation task for you and give you splendid web applications for the iPad that would work smoothly on your tablet.