The rise of Mobility has unleashed a swifter business and altered the way people purchase insurance products. Insurance Companies have comprehended the need to develop and support their mobile strategy in order to assess and understand the customer segment. The dependability and security of mobile networks has permitted insurance companies to cover their customer demands.

The customers want better services, and for this, companies are implementing better computing and communication channels. Mobility offers advanced channels for communicating and accessing the policy from anywhere at anytime.

Mobile Software Solution to make the Claims & Insurance Process simpler

Easy to access claims and policies is the number 1 priority for your clients. It takes expertise to recognize the most suitable solutions for your requirements and incorporate it effortlessly with your software system.

With over 10 years of experience in the mobile industry, Persistent Solution provides enterprise mobility solution for insurance corporations. Our mobility solutions are able of providing customers with approachable, easy to use and self-service environment. The solutions also address the serious needs of your workforce as well as clients.

Enterprise Mobility for Insurance Companies and Agents

In this modern world, people are more aware about insuring their lives, families and vehicles. A lot of people are getting insured in different ways. With data getting larger by the day, it is now high time to move towards superior solutions that are scalable and robust. Persistent Solution’s mobile solutions for insurance firms and agents address the big data issues and deliver the best solutions obtainable in the industry at inexpensive prices.

  • Claim systems
  • Accounting and billing software
  • Client billing software
  • Policy Admin system
  • MIS Risk compliance system
  • Broker distribution software
  • Product management software
  • Mobile sales software
  • Re-insurance & Co-insurance details