Persistent Solution delivers all ERP implementation services and post-sales maintenance and support via our staff of full-time resources. With over a decade of experience in the ERP industry, Persistent Solution has developed a systematic and guided ERP implementation approach. It is because of this process that Persistent Solution has achieved industry-leading software-to-implementation cost ratios compared to other software suppliers, resulting in dramatic cost savings and a low total cost of ownership for our customers.

As part of PERSISTENT SOLUTION’s industry-leading post-sales support, PERSISTENT SOLUTION customers have access to the PERSISTENT SOLUTION customer support hotline. Whenever a call is placed to PERSISTENT SOLUTION, the call is answered directly by an Enterprise 21 ERP software developer with an industry-leading average tenure of over five years. In addition, PERSISTENT SOLUTION offers affordable post-software sale maintenance that includes all software upgrades and any newly developed Enterprise 21 modules.

ERP helps you in streamlining your IT operations to the utmost extent. Basically the decision maker in the company has the exact knowledge of the business flow and hence evaluates the vendors in an efficient way. It serves the team managing ERP implementation better if they recognize early on the most effective ERP implementation practices to enhance their chances of success.

Our methodologies speed up the time to value delivery for several reasons, including their incorporation of the correct analytics for real time decision making. Our ERP smoothly integrates applications across various platforms and technologies, to improve the value of IT investments & increase profitability and productivity. Our core ERP implementation practices include Oracle, SAP, Microsoft dynamics including the axepta, which is in great demand and we provide ERP consulting across functional boundaries including Logistics, Finance, Trading, manufacturing and many more. Our ERP services expertise includes packaged suite implementation, support, consulting and the integration of diverse and distributed application portfolios within and across the extended enterprise. We support clients across the entire range of the application life cycle, right from package evaluation through completion, to post completion support and Staff augmentation.