AWS Development

Amazon Web Services also known as AWS have brought about a big revolution in the Cloude Computing sphere, dropping the barrier to entry for businesses who want to launch a service  or a product online.

Without AWS, applications and websites that you use and browse everyday like Reuter, Reddit, Netflix, Pinterest, Instagram, FastCompany, etc. would not exist.

But building on Amazon Web Services is very unalike from a normal product architecture. You will face many challenges such as

  • Deciding which of the several component services provided within AWS (Amazon EBS, EC2, Amazon RDB, S3 etc.) would be a right fit for your requirements
  • How to take good advantage of the architecture offered by Amazon Web Services so your product can function at peak efficiency
  • Building in redundant mechanisms and also fault tolerance so any kind of outage will not be the outcome of loss of service
  • Foreseeing and budgeting for the expenditures of bandwidth and hosting.
  • Observing the overall health of the AWS infrastructure so that you can take apt action if service levels downgrade.

Because of its affordable cost, AWS provides everyone from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises are utilizing it to subcontract their infrastructure requirements. However unless you take good care of these matters, your investment in Amazon Web Services will not give you the desired returns.

We give you a wealth of experience in the development of cloud based apps.

This is supported by our access to the Amazon Web Services team at Amazon, making sure that your product will have the best practices and latest technologies money can buy.

For savvy companies, Amazon Web Services provides a chance at smoothing the playing field in terms of access to the enterprise grade infrastructure at very affordable rates.